Students choosing to enroll in the Minor must complete the two required courses (i.e. INTA 2050 and INTA/ME 4744) and three of the courses listed as electives:


Required Courses:

INTA 2050: Introduction to Global Development

INTA/ME 4744: Global Development Capstone


Elective Courses:*

CEE 4803: Special Topics: Environmental Technology in the Developing World

CP 4020: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning

CP 4190: Introduction to Climate Change Planning

CP 4210: Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment

CP 4310: Urban Transportation

CS 4911: Computing for Good

ECON 2101: The Global Economy

ECON 3300: International Energy Markets

ECON 4311: Global Enterprise

ECON 4350: International Economics

ECON 4351: International Financial Economics

ECON 4355: Global Financial Economics

ECON 4411: Economic Development

ECON 4415: Conflict and Security in Developing Countries

HTS 3055: Globalization Modern Era

HTS 3064: Sociology of Development

INTA 3733: Global Issues and Leadership

INTA 3031: Human Rights

INTA 3240: Government and Politics – Africa

INTA 3240: Latin American Politics

INTA 3301: International Political Economy

INTA 3303: Political Economy Development

INTA 4803: Computers, Communication, and International Development

INTA 4803: Evaluating International Development Projects

INTA 4803: Modernization and Development

ME 2803: Engineering and Global Development

MGT 4194: Social Entrepreneurship

PUBP 4260: Economic Development Policy and Planning


*Please note that, contingent on approval by the Minor co-directors, one of the elective courses may be substituted by a course not listed above.