Enrollment & Requirements

Enrollment & Requirements

P1010033_1The Global Development Minor is OPEN TO ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS at Tech. Students completing the Minor will be able to understand the problems and opportunities facing the populations of the Global South. They will learn about ways in which they can contribute to these societies through international service and work. They will travel, learn, and explore through study abroad programs. And they will acquire the capacity to utilize the theories and lessons of development to become more effective problem-solvers individually and in groups.

How do you enroll in the Minor?

To enroll, drop by the academic program office (Habersham Room 156) in the School of International Affairs, meet with Stephanie Jackson and fill out an application. If you enroll in the Minor, you will be given priority to enroll in undergraduate courses listed as requirements and electives for the minor.

The Nunn School’s academic office will handle advising and other aspects of program administration such as checking that minor requirements have been fulfilled.

If you have any questions, email or call Dr. Neha Kumar or Dr. Alberto Fuentes.

What are the requirements for the Minor?

To fulfill the requirements of the Global Development minor, you must complete 15 credit hours, including one required Cornerstone course (INTA 2050 – Introduction to Global Development), one required Capstone course (INTA/ME 4744 – Global Development Capstone), and three elective courses (see Courses for list of electives).

You must earn at least a “C” in each course.

Courses which overlap between a student’s major and minor can count towards either the major or the minor, but not both.


Students choosing to enroll in the Minor must complete the two required courses (i.e. INTA 2050 and INTA/ME 4744) and three of the courses listed as electives:

Required Courses:

INTA 2050: Introduction to Global Development

INTA/ME 4744: Global Development Capstone

Elective Courses*:

CEE 4803: Special Topics: Environmental Technology in the Developing World

CP 4020: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning

CP 4190: Introduction to Climate Change Planning

CP 4210: Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment

CP 4310: Urban Transportation

CS 4911: Computing for Good

ECON 2101: The Global Economy

ECON 3300: International Energy Markets

ECON 4311: Global Enterprise

ECON 4350: International Economics

ECON 4351: International Financial Economics

ECON 4355: Global Financial Economics

ECON 4411: Economic Development

ECON 4415: Conflict and Security in Developing Countries

HTS 3055: Globalization Modern Era

HTS 3064: Sociology of Development

INTA 3733: Global Issues and Leadership

INTA 3031: Human Rights

INTA 3240: Government and Politics – Africa

INTA 3240: Latin American Politics

INTA 3301: International Political Economy

INTA 3303: Political Economy Development

INTA 4803: Computers, Communication, and International Development

INTA 4803: Evaluating International Development Projects

INTA 4803: Modernization and Development

ME 2803: Engineering and Global Development

MGT 4194: Social Entrepreneurship

PUBP 4260: Economic Development Policy and Planning

*Please note that, contingent on approval by the Minor co-directors, one of the elective courses may be substituted by a course not listed above.